Reflection on Hard-Skills and Soft-Skills in the university environment was the objective of previous reforms of the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education and remains at the heart of the national and international debate, especially in open access institutions which are subject to the massification, multilingualism and professionalization of higher education against the traditional model whose objective is to “transmit specialized knowledge from research through lectures that serve as support for Tutorial and practical work ”(P. Rayou and A. Van Zanten, 2015, p.32). Competence is a complex word since it contains different components (knowledge, know-how, know- how to be and know- how to act) and because it is “the challenge of all, individuals and human organizations” (M. Joras, 2007, p.4). For Moroccan higher education, the evaluation of the reforms by the Higher Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research revealed the dropout rate of university students and highlighted the dysfunction in university establishments in open access by a report of the results of the Apogee cohorts, between 2007-08 and 2012-13, of three Moroccan universities (Hassan II, Ibn Tofaïl and Abdelmalek Essaadi) which cover around a quarter of the total number of students at the level national over the entire period: “With regard to performance, only an average of one third of students in all cohorts manages to obtain the basic license. “(National authority evaluation under dir. R. Bourqiya, 2018, p.22). Other difficulties remain: How can the various educational and socio-economic actors make the open access university environment favorable to learners wishing to validate their skills and know how to value them in the competitive job market? What are the strategic and educational perspectives to adopt? How to reinforce the multiple intelligences of the students according to their rhythm and develop in them the spirit of creativity and leadership? With what professional values and ethics in relation to the principle of subsidiarity? How to detect the signs of dropping out in university students and researchers and how to support them? This transdisciplinary issue is an interinstitutional challenge requiring a multitude of reflections. In this regard, CICUHS-2020 will launch the first edition of the International Colloquium on the University Hard-Skills and Soft-Skills to be held from October 23 to 24, 2020.

The ultimate objective of the Colloquium CICUHS-2020 aims to provide a high-level international meeting attracting researchers, academics and experts to share their experiences in the field, their visions on educational engineering, innovation and the development of fundamental and transversal skills. In addition, this International colloquium wishes to publish multidisciplinary communications relating to recent research in this thematic congruence through a combination of presentations by keynote speakers and academic sessions. CICUHS-2020 will address a range of important themes in the following areas:

-University Teaching, research methods and development of soft skills.

– Educational engineering and leadership development. -Scientific values and professional ethics.

-TICE, e-learning, learning analytics (teaching methods, constraints and perspectives).

-Multilingualism, Interculturalism and educational innovation.

– Trades, challenges of the future and educational and scientific research.

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